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Brianna Ortega [Artist, Director & Educator]

Current Offerings

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About Brianna


Current and Upcoming Offerings

1. Bunny Mediation, ongoing in 2022

I facilated this workshop at Bunny Hill, a community named public historic site that I named as a part of my art project called Bunny Hill. This site is where bunnies congregate together with a view of the beach. I facilitate outdoor mediation inspired by the presence of the bunnies. The first meditation will be 15 minutes in length where we will center our breath, and focus on Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation techniques. Afterwards, the second meditation will include a historical narrative of the bunnies, and how to respect the bunnies. This is taken from my years of research and involvement in our local community. At the end of the meditation, I will teach you 7 life lessons from the Cannon Beach Bunnies. You can sign up for in-person bunny mediation here in English and here in Spanish. If you’d like to sign up for an online bunny mediation, please contact me.

2. One-on-one art lessons and classes (available on zoom or in person)
Bringing my experince of teaching in art galleries, museums, universities, and various places in the last 7 years, I offer art lessons in drawing, watercolor painting, photography, video art or customizable classes. 

3. One-on-one Creative Mentorship or Consulting
If you are working on a project, film, community event, or even a party, I offer consulting on the production, creativity, or management aspects of your project. 

4. Surf Mentorship, Emotional or Physical
If you are a surfer looking to unpack the emotional aspects of existing within surf culture, or would like to learn more about surfing or how to improve.

5. Sea-ing Ourselves: Overcoming Burnout Workshop, begins January 12/13th, 2022
I’ve been through many types of burnout in the last 6 years—volunteer burnout, leadership burnout, business burnout, educational burnout, Instagram burnout, work burnout, art burnout, family burnout, CXVID burnout & burnout related to health problems & deaths. I share this to note that these experiences taught me so much when I took time to reflect, & they gifted me empathy. This workshop is a space for people to come together and explore and unpack burnout and turn our past experiences (or present experiences) with it into a transformative positive experience where we sit with ourselves wherever we are at, and imagine our future. I believe that sometimes in the midst of trying to do eveyrhting, we forge to see ourselves. That is why I’ve been wanting to do a workshop like this for a year and channel all that I’ve learned and overcame the last several years into a positive experiential workshop. So here it is! Through reflection, writing prompts and conversation, we will find joy in unpacking our feelings and thoughts together in a safe space. For those who don’t know, I studied art and psychology in college and earned my master’s degree in Art and Social Practice. Are you burnt out from work, the go-go-go of society, Instagram culture, or otherwise? Join us for this 4-week facilitated workshop where we have a committed time every week to explore topics, reflect, journal, create experiences and chat together, and we gather inspiration from nature.