Aoka Surf Studio Women’s Surf Weekend, 2019

This weekend was the first public women’s surf event in New Zealand to ever happen. I was invited by Katie Rowland of Aoka to represent Sea Together and collaborate and assist on organizing this weekend, and sharing my previous experience with events to help plan the weekend. This weekend included many events such as: a women’s welcome night, a creative surf workshop, a curated photography show of photography by women surfers of New Zealand, a film night featuring women surfers, surf meet ups, a makers market featuring women surfers who make crafts and have other creative businesses in New Zealand, and more. It was the first known women’s public surf weekend of its kind in New Zealand, accessible and open to all women surfers, regardless of age or ability. Thanks to all who helped out and made this a reality, and special thanks to Katie Rowland for asking me to be apart of it, especially Karenza of Wabi Sabi and artist/musician Morgan Keating Marr, our sponsors, the local community coming together in a powerful way, and the space Port Road Project.

Photos by: Lou @louloubphoto
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