Creative Sound

1. Migratory Sand Dune
2. The Sea Together Podcast

1. Migratory Sand Dune, 2022, Self-Published Music Album

I self-published this album under my company Folding Water Media in July 2022. The album contains 8 tracks and it is my first album as an artist who has no preivious music theory or music background. I worked on the album for 2 months and then published it on Bandcamp where you can listen to it, or purchase it for download. You can check it out here:


2. The Sea Together Podcast, 2020-2022, Podcast

I started this podcast as a way to have conversations with women surfers around the world about a variety of topics and have a more accessible platform beyond the print magazine Sea Together.

The podcast stems from five main themes: Mental Health and Wellness, Leadership and Buisness, Pro Surfing, Art, and Environmentalism. Subtopics can include everything from gentrification in travel surf tourism to photography and race.

You can listen to this podcast on Spotify and Apple podcast plaftorms, among other places like

My friend and talented musician, Caroline Belk, worked on all the sound design for Seasons 1 and 2.

In Season 3, I use part of her music she designed, but the episodes are not fully sound designed by her.