To some locals in Cannon Beach, bunnies are bad; to other locals in Cannon Beach, bunnies are good. Being the first event in Cannon Beach made with and for our local community instead of for tourists, this day is a day highlighting the diverse perspectives and opinions and relationships that people in our community have with the bunnies. The day consists of: a bunny panel with scientists, artists and local community members, a bunny ceremony with musicals and dancers from the Oregon coast, a bunny tour and walk, and a bunny zine of collective stories from the local community. This day is a space for everyone to come together to explore their unique opinion about the bunnies in our community, and to also consider the theme of localism: are the bunnies considered locals? Are they not? Should they be killed off? Through this day, we hope that people in the community reflect on their own life with what it means to be a local in a community. Please contact me at if you would like to be invovled. 
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