Sea Togethe Events
1. Surf Hotline Photo Booth and film night

2. Surf History Parking Tickets

3. Women surfer’s in media event

4. Sea Together ISSUE 001 launch party at Leeward

5. Sea Together ISSUE 001 launch party at Juneshine

6. Aoka Surf Weekend New Zealand 

7. Aus Sea Together collab events: Southcoast Surfboards in Torquay, Indigo and Salt, Sunburnt Mess in Syndey, and Salt Gypsy event in Byron Bay

8. Sea Together Retreats in Canada & Hawai’i

1. Women’s Surf Hotline Phonebooth & Film Night (2020), at Wild Cactus Vintage

This was an installation idea that I came up with, and talented artist Emma Deuhr built it beautifully. It was a collaboration with: artist Emma Duehr who designed the physical installation and painted it, Will Oneill who constructed the wood part of installation, and Anna Dimond who recived the phone calls and talked with the surfers on the phone.

This socially engaged installation featured a phone booth  at a Sea Together Magazine event in October 2020. Particpants (women surfers) could go into the phone booth and call the phone number to talk with someone on the hotline about their experiences as a women surfer. The hotline is geared towards people who have been affected by the white patriarchy in surf culture.

For the rest of the night, I curated films to show and also had Surfrider Portland be apart of the night. Special thanks to Wild Cactus Vintage in Portland for hosting us.


2. Women’s Surf History Parking Tickets
, (2020) global project (drawing above by @alberta.hall)

Women’s surf history is not easy to find or access, and most people do not seek out to find it. I created parking tickets for people to download online.  Each parking ticket features different facts about women’s surf history submitted by women surfers globally,  the Curator’s of Women’s Surfing: Dr. Cassie Comley, Tara Ruttenberg, Rhonda Harper, McCall Lanman. Maria Pires, Anna Dimond, Celina Stilphen, Amy Rose Hewton, and Alberta Hall.

After downloading and printing out the tickets, surfers can leave the tickets on parked cars at their local surf break or surf shop, which are central spaces of community and disucssion in surf culture. The form of the parking ticket forces surfers to engage with women’s surf history and invites them to engage with further resources by linking to our online surf history resource page. Anyone can submit more history and resources to add to this ongoing page.

The parking ticket design is by Maria Alves.


5. Women Sufers In Media (2019), Portland, Oregon (Image above by Mia Bolton)

I organized and facilitated a panel at Leeward Surf shop in Portland with Sami Bones of Babes on Waves and filmmaker Elizabeth Silva, a filmmaker based in California about representation and marginalization of women in surf media. After a screening of two films by Elizabeth Pepin Silva centering on women surfers including “Surf Mamas”, our panel discussed questions that I collected from my project Sea Together’s global community on Instagram. I asked women surfers around the world what they wanted the panel to talk about. The questions submitted were all related about the intersection of gender and surfing in films in surf culture. I also created a zine of quotes from women surfers and their questions and distributed it at the event. Thanks so much to Lyndsey of Leeward Surf and her husband for hosting the event, as well as Elizabeth Silva, and Sami of Babes on Waves.


6. Sea Together: ISSUE 001 Launch Party at Leeward  (2018), Portland, Oregon

This was the Sea Together: ISSUE 001 launch party event that I organized at Leeward Surf in Portland. I organized and facilitated a panel discussion on women’s surfing featuring surfers from the Pacific Northwest: Dr. Meade Krosby,  Olivia Schroeder and her daughter Layla, Lydnsey of Leeward Surf, and Leslie Palotas. We also had a special guest bongo band Lighting that came out from the Oregon Coast. I met them on the side of the road and invited them to come be apart of our event. We had a large drawing board for the community to draw on, and a raffle. The surf community really said they felt the intimacy of this surf event and I cried in public for the first time. Special thanks to my friends who supported the event and helped with set up and take down. We had a few hundred people that came through.


7. Sea Together: ISSUE 001 Launch Party at Juneshine  (2018), San Diego, California

This was an event that I organized at Juneshine Co in San Diego to celebrate the ISSUE 001 launch of Sea Together and bring women surfers together in San Diego. There was a photo exhibition highlighting photos from ISSUE 001 contributors Megan Barrett, Oriana Poindexter, and Corina Rose Barnick and a market featuring ISSUE 001 contributor Brooke Gudenau’s artwork, as well as other vendors. Thanks to Brooke’s help during the night, and my friend Tiffany N., and Brittni S. for their help and support at the night of the event. We had a few hundred people that came through. We had an estimate 300 people come to the event. 


8. Aoka Surf Studio Women’s Surf Weekend  (2019), Whangamata, New Zealand (Photos by: Lou @louloubphoto)

I was invited by Katie Rowland of Aoka to represent Sea Together and collaborate and assist on organizing this weekend, and sharing my previous experience with events to help plan the weekend. Katie did an incredible job at leading such an incredible event and I was grateful to be able to assist and support her vision. This weekend included many events such as: a women’s welcome night, a creative surf workshop, a curated photography show of photography by women surfers of New Zealand, a film night featuring women surfers, surf meet ups, a makers market featuring women surfers who make crafts and have other creative businesses in New Zealand, a Sea Together zine workshop I designed and faciliated, and more. It was the first known women’s public surf weekend of its kind in New Zealand, accessible and open to all women surfers, regardless of age or ability. Thanks to all who helped out and made this a reality, and special thanks to Katie Rowland for asking me to be apart of it, especially Karenza of Wabi Sabi and artist/musician Morgan Keating Marr, our sponsors, the local community coming together in a powerful way, and the space Port Road Project. 

9. Australia Sea Together tour: Southcoast Surfboards and U&I in Torquay, Indigo and Salt, Sunburnt Mess in Syndey, and Salt Gypsy event in Byron Bay  (2019), Austraila 

I was invited to do events with these various amazing organizations in Australia, so my graphic designer friend Amy Rose Hewton and I set off for a “roadie”. I was invited to be on a creative panel at Southcoast Surfboards with U&I Label in Torquay, give a talk and support Indigo and Salt’s Women’s Surf Night, host a Sea Together event at Sunburnt Mess in Sydney, and supported Salt Gypsy’s women’s surf night in Bryon Bay. Special thanks to all these amazing peopel for collaborating with Sea Together and also to Amy for driving us.

10. Sea Together Surf Retreats  (2019 and 2020), Canada and Hawai’i 

The first retreat I organized and facilited was with 90 Collective, which was a retreat collective. The second retreat I organized and faciliated was just on my own with my assistant, Ariana Van Buerden. For these projects, I managed and produced, and also facliated the weeks together with women surfers around the world. Please contact me for more info.

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