Sea Together Magazine, ISSUE 001 

I founded, directed, edited, curated, and published ISSUE 001 and 002 of Sea Together Magazine. I had an idea of creating a feminist surf magazine for the longest time, but finally started working on it in December 2017.

Sea Together Issue 001 was the first issue of Sea Together. The magazine was designed by long time internet friend, Angela Blumen, and copy edited by Mikaela Horvath and Michael Swamer. This issue featured stories, interviews, and personal narratives of women surfers from around the world around the theme of identity.  In Issue 001, the contributions range from creative writing about traveling as a solo woman traveler in mexico (Colleen Conroy) to discussing what it means to be a surfer and have epilepsy (Eva Martin), to featuring shortboarders and longboarders, both high performance (Megan Godinez and traditional logger women of New Zealand (Mischa Davis), to water photographers (Megan Barrett), to making the leap into illustration business and connecting our relationship with the ocean to our life (Brooke Gudenau), to highlighting empowering organizations (Brown Girl Surf). Issue 001 Features: Anouk Corolleur, Becky Mitchell, Brooke Gudenau, Carissa Moore, Cher Pendarvis, Clare Sullivan, Chrystal Dawn, Colleen Conroy, Corina Barnick, Dominique Miller, Emi Koch, Eva Martin, Maggie Higgins, Megan Barnett, Megan Godinez, Mischa Davis, Sara Taylor, Shannon Cuadro, Olivia Schroeder, Oriana Poindexter, and Margaret Seelie interviewing Brown Girl Surf (Mira Manickam-Shirley), Ashley Lloyd Thompson, and Traveler (Julie Cox).

There are no more copies available.