Sea Together Magazine, ISSUE 002

I founded, directed, edited, curated, and published ISSUE 001 and 002 of Sea Together Magazine.

Sea Together, Issue 002 (2019) was the second Issue of Sea Together, focusing on the theme of “Place”, involving our identity’s relationship to various spaces in surfing. The magazine was designed by Angela Blumen and copy edited by Mikaela Horvath. The surfers apart of Issue 002 are: Chelsea Kungkagam, Claire Hodson, Crystal Stokowski, Dani Burt, Hanna Scott, Kassia Meador, Mariane Marcelli, Britni Eseller, Reika Kikuchi, Patti Paniccia, and Tara Ruttenberg. These women surfers apart of this issue were from all around the world from Japan to Brazil. The magazine focused on highlighting a diverse lens of women’s surfing and highlighting various perspectives and opinions around the theme of place.  

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Photos: Ty Feague