Women’s Surf History Parking Tickets
,  (2020)

Women’s surf history is not easy to find or access, and most people do not seek out to find it. I created parking tickets for people to download online.  Each parking ticket features different facts about women’s surf history submitted by women surfers globally,  the Curator’s of Womens’s Surfing. Surfers can leave the tickets on parked cars at their local surf break or surf shop, which are central spaces of community and disucssion in surf culture. The form of the parking ticket forces surfers to engage with women’s surf history and invites them to engage with further resources by linking to our online surf history resource page. Anyone can submit more history and resources to add to this ongoing page.

The parking ticket design is by Maria Alves. 

The Curators of Women’s Surf History for the project who wrote the incredible historical facts on the parking tickets were Dr. Cassie Comley, Tara Ruttenberg, Rhonda Harper, McCall Lanman, Maria Pires, Anna Dimond, Celina Stilphen, Amy Rose Hewton, and Alberta Hall.  
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